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Why Magnetic

The narrow wide chain is a revolutionary design; it lowers bike weight, simplifies the bike’s structure, and, by allowing for fewer dropped chains, helps riders focus more on riding. But in some situations, like rock gardens, gnarly drops and on the steepest, roughest of trails, it still can’t prevent the chain from dropping. This is why most of world’s top racers, whether XC, DH or Enduro, still use chain guides. The MagSuck magnetic chainring solves this problem.

  • Keep your chain on your chainring in any situation. You don’t need a chain guide anymore
  • Suck chain impurities into the grooves just above the magnets, lowering chain abrasion and grinding sensation
  • Reduce chain slap: After testing, we found that the magnets keep the chain firmly on the chainring, thereby negating chain slap and increasing the amount of power in each pedal stroke